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BIOMARGIN's brochure

Whether you are a patient, a scientist, a company or a foundation involved in renal transplantation, we hope that you can find here all information you need about our European Commission -  supported programme “BIOMARGIN”, aiming at discovering and validating robust non-invasive biomarkers for the follow  up of renal grafts.

In renal allograft recipients, 10-year graft survival has not improved over the past decades. Histological examination of graft biopsies has long been the gold standard to confirm graft injuries, but biopsies are invasive and histological grading is not very robust. There is thus a need for robust, non-invasive methods to predict and diagnose acute and chronic graft lesions, to improve patient treatment, quality of life and long-term graft survival.

Also, there is an unmet need for better understanding of the immune and non-immune mechanisms of interstitial fibrosis /tubular atrophy and graft loss.

Combining all the skills required to build upon previous findings, BIOMARGIN will offer such opportunities in renal transplantation by integrating several omics approaches (mRNA, miRNA, peptides, proteins, lipids and metabolites) in blood, graft tissue and urine, in a well thought out, multistage discovery-to-validation translational programme, following the highest European ethics and regulatory requirements, as well as quality controls and quality assessments at all clinical and analytical steps.


The BioMargin project has ended on February 28th, publishable summary to be available in May


You can read about BioMargin Project results in the last Publishable Summary(Pdf)