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BioMargin International Workshop and Consortium meeting BioPark Paris 2017 Feb. 21st-22nd

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Last February, BioMargin organised a public workshop on Methodological aspects of biomarker discovery and validation: BIOMARGIN as a case study

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The discovery, confirmation and validation of candidate biomarkers of disease conditions, treatment efficacy or toxicity may require a number of experimental and clinical steps to achieve sufficient evidence to become transferable to the clinics, and to convince physicians to incorporate them in their practice. In this workshop, we will mostly address the methodological bottlenecks, or in contrast differentiating designs, that could be identified in different research programs on biomarkers, taking biomarkers of allograft lesions in transplantation as an example.

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On the 22nd of february, the 5th consortium meeting of BioMargin took place at the same venue. 

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