VITO is a leading independent Flemish research and consulting agency active in the area of material and environmental science, energy, health, nutrition and chemical analysis. VITO counts approximately 600 highly qualified employees from diverse specialisations and collaborates with sector federations and their research centres, universities, colleges and European research institutes.
The Centre for Proteomics (CFP) is part of the Unit Environmental Analysis and Technology (MANT), that has a longstanding track record in FP7 projects (INFLAME, BACCHUS, etc.). The labs of the unit are equipped with both GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS equipment. The Centre is specialized in proteomics and peptidomics analysis, using state of the art equipment, such as the Thermo LTQ Velos orbitrap, the Waters Synapt G2 and the AB MALDI-TOF 4800. Not only the equipment, but also all the necessary expertise is present to cover all aspects of a proteomics workflow: sample prep, analytics and data analysis, integration and interpretation.

Contact persons active in BioMargin
Dr Inge Mertens
Dr Dirk Valkenborg
Dr Geert Baggerman