University V Paris Descartes

The C-TAC Laboratory (Analytical and Cellular Toxicology) belongs to the University Paris Descartes and is located at the University of Pharmacy. It is a research unit developing its own research programs and a series of collaborative projects with various partners.
The research team « Cellular and Analytical Toxicology » (EA4463) was created by the University Paris Descartes in January 2010 in order to explore new research fields in both experimental and analytical Toxicology. It brings together diverse skills including Toxicology, Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry. Owing to its cell toxicology facility and its mass spectrometry platform, this team is able to propose multidisciplinary approaches to address complex toxicological issues. Several main axes have been defined including, in experimental toxicology, the mechanisms of oxidative stress and cell degeneration. The research topics in analytical toxicology are mainly focused on lipid markers of toxicity and concern different fields including neurodegenerative diseases and placental toxicology.
Contact persons active in BioMargin
Prof Olivier Laprévote
Dr Nicolas Auzeil