Inserm Transfert, private subsidiary of the French Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) funded in 2001, will support the management of the BioMargin consortium.
The company has extensive expertise in two core areas:
i) Intellectual property management, technology transfer and exploitation of research results via its in-house lawyers, European patent attorneys and business developers;
ii) Management and coordination of FP7 and other international programs in biomedical research.
IT has a strong expertise in the FP7 financial and contractual rules. Having faced and solved many issues raised by the European cooperation in medical research, it can now anticipate and address quickly any kind of problems emerging in European collaborative programs. The company has already established management links with almost all life science organisations, including more than 50 biotech SMEs, in Europe.
Over the last 10 years, the European and International Department of Inserm Tansfert has managed more than 25 FP6 & 32 FP7 projects in the field of life sciences and health. The Department of EU Affairs has a strong expertise in the financial and contractual rules of the FP7 program and all related regulatory aspects linked to European cooperation. It can anticipate and solve quickly any kind of emerging problems within large consortia. The Department of EU Affairs is certified ISO 9001.2008 since January 2010 for the management of European and International biomedical research projects.

Contact persons active in BioMargin
Dahlia Tsakiropoulos
Stéphanie Rémola